'CONNECT' to Industry Leading Technology




  • ‘Connect’ allows customers to input jobs directly and to track their pallet right through to its signed-for delivery. Every pallet is barcoded, scanned at every stage of its journey and is fully visible at all times. For a customer it couldn’t be simpler.
  • If customers want to they can even download and print their own pallet labels, complete with barcode. This means you have complete peace of mind that everything is properly and correctly labelled before it even leaves your depot.
  • Connect does all that and more. Connect gives you a complete logistics management suite, from job creation, right through to invoice.
  • Members have visibility of freight right across the network and if the pallet is entering our XL service for unusual or bulky freight, members can book the pallet directly into a guaranteed delivery window. This kind of capacity management helps hauliers to be more efficient and profitable and for trucks to run fully laden, which is better for the environment.
  • Connect also allows us to track service KPIs, for customers, for depots and for individual pallets. This is one of the reasons that TPN has the highest service KPIs in the sector – because we watch, we manage and we make sure that pallets get where they are meant to be when they are supposed to be there and in pristine condition. TPN has a zero tolerance approach to loss or damage, and we put reliable service before everything else.
  • If you do need to make a claim, TPN Connect makes the process fast and easy. All the details including photographic evidence can be uploaded in minutes, which means Member companies get their compensation from the Hub quickly.
  • Connect also optimises routing and scheduling of deliveries, helping Members to cut fuel use and  emissions.
  • We estimate it’s knocked 3,000+ employee days off the network’s labour needs, allowing staff to be more productive.
  • We do not charge our customers for using Connect. We have invested heavily in having technology which can ensure that our service levels remain robust, regardless of growth of spikes in volume. This is our commitment to you, the customer, and to the member companies which work with us.
  • Finally, Connect was developed in-house and continues to be developed. This means it’s never out-dated, it’s always evolving, and we can anticipate your changing needs. We believe we are the only pallet network which has invested so heavily in its own extremely talented IT team and that too, is a testament to our determination to always offer you the very best and most valuable solutions.

So what are you waiting for? Connect – with Halcion & TPN

As a leading UK haulier for over 40 years and proud members of The Pallet Network (TPN), we have long-standing local customers in CreweCongleton, Winsford, Middlewich, Sandbach, Altrincham, Holmes Chapel, Northwich, Nantwich, Knutsford, Chelford, Alsager, Biddulph, Kidsgrove, Tunstall, Newcastle-under-Lyme, throughout Cheshire and North Staffordshire.