The Pallet Network (also known as TPN) is the UK’s leading pallet network. Comprised of more than 100 companies, all of whom hold positions as leading regional transport companies, across over 120 depot location in the UK, TPN leads the field when it comes to performance, depot numbers and pallet volumes.

At Halcion Express we are proud members of The Pallet Network in Congleton. As members of this esteemed network, we have proven ourselves to provide nothing less than fantastic customer care and service. The Pallet Network operates a zero tolerance policy when it comes to loss or damage – so clients can rest peacefully in the knowledge that their palletised freight will get where it needs to be in one piece. What’s more, both TPN and Halcion Express can accommodate unusual or bulky palletised freight safely, too.

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How Does TPN In Congleton Work?

The Pallet Network is made up of more than 100 of the best independent transport companies in the UK (including Halcion Express). And each of these members collects and delivers palletised freight within their own postcode area as part of the network. So for The Pallet Network in Congleton, Halcion Express are tasked with delivering excellent customer service through the collection and delivery of palletised freight within the area.

Members of The Pallet Network also collect pallets from their customers and deliver that to the Hub facility based in Minworth. From the Hub, palletised freight is then sorted ready to be distributed throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

This makes for a highly efficient service spanning a large area. And with Halcion Express you can organise palletised freight distribution in Congleton.


The Pallet Network XL For Unusual Or Bulky Freight

If you have unusual or bulky freight, The Pallet Network in Congleton can assist. While manu pallet networks do not have the resources or know how when it comes to this type of freight, Halcion Express relishes the challenge. In partnership with TPN XL, we can provide a dedicated, capacity managed service for the distribution of bulky or unusual palletised freight.

For this kind of distribution, palletised freight is taken to the TPN Hub in Minworth during the day where the time, care and expertise can be dedicated to it in order to meet the required delivery windows. At Halcion Express, we are proud to offer our customers a unique service that is both sustainable and sensible. If you would like to know more, contact us today and ask about our TPN XL services.

Find Out More About The Pallet Network In Congleton

If you utilise palletised freight deliveries, as a member of The Pallet Network In Congleton, we can help.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using TPN through Halcion Express:

  • TPN offers the highest quality of service for palletised freight distribution in the UK. Check out our testimonials to see what our customers have to say about us!
  • With over 106 members with more than 125 depot locations in the UK alone, you can be sure your delivery will be present, correct and on time.
  • With TPN Connect you have control over the whole process. From print labels to the tracking service, you’re never left in the dark.

If you are looking for palletised freight distribution with The Pallet Network in Congleton. Contact us today for a quote!